Does the copper wash out of the fabric after a while?
No – The copper is embedded in our fabric and remains there for as long as you own the garment, which means the benefits of copper found in our products will never dissipate – unlike infused products found in the market. This is what makes the quality of our patent so unique.

Can I see or feel the copper, and does it make the fabric heavier?
Not at all – The copper in our products is embedded in to our yarn, making completely unnoticeable. Copper88™ garments are extremely lightweight and very comfortable to wear, while still remaining exceptionally durable.

What type of compression does Copper88™ products deliver?
Our products are designed for moderate level compression.

Will I feel any immediate effects from wearing Copper88™ products?
You will certainly benefit from our compression and accelerated wicking properties the moment you first wear your Copper88™ products. The antibacterial and anti-odour properties will also combine to keep you feeling and smelling fresher.

Will my skin go green if I wear it too much?
We like this question! No, not at all. Our patented copper nylon fabric embeds the copper directly into the yarn, so your skin will never make any direct contact to copper, which is what generally causes the oxidizing to occur.