Ever removed a knee sleeve to find that it is soaked in sweat, or struggled to pull your undershirt over your head because it’s clinging to your sweat soaked body? Our special Copper88™ “X-shape” fibre structure creates a capillary effect that quickly wicks moisture away from the body and distributes it over a wider area – maximizing contact with air to accelerate drying time, and making the fabric less prone to wrinkling and riding.


Antimicrobial copper is a highly effective touch surface material acting as a natural sterilizer, killing 99.9% of bacteria within 2 hours of exposure. Our 88% embedded copper content in our Copper88™ fabric composition, combined with our accelerated wicking, means that our garments can offer a high level of protection against bacterial and fungal infections. 


Body odour occurs when bacterial starts to break down the acids found in body sweat. The combination of Copper88™’s antibacterial qualities with accelerated wicking to keep your skin dry means that unpleasant odours are neutralized too, leaving our garments fresh and odourless after use.


In addition, our special fabric structure of 88% embedded copper content provides high levels of protection from harmful UV rays with a protection factor of 50+, allowing you to wear Copper88™ garments all day long with confidence.